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SKU Pigments (Ultramarine Blue Pigment Manufacturer)

Ultramarine Blue manufacturer in India. Shree Krishna Ultramarine Pigments (P) Limited, established in the year 1985, one of the largest and experienced manufacturer of Inorganic Pigments like Pigment Ultramarine Blue, Pigment Ultramarine violet, Pigment Ultramarine Pink, and even developed a newly conceptualized form which is Pigment Ultramarine Blue Tablets/Cubes for all types of High performance industrial application like Ultramarine blue for plastics, Ultramarine Blue for Paints, Ultramarine Blue for inks, Ultramarine Blue for PVC, Ultramarine Blue for EVA, Ultramarine Blue for masterbatches, Ultramarine Blue for textile, Ultramarine Blue for Rubber, Ultramarine Blue for Polyolefins, Ultramarine Blue for water based, Ultramarine Blue for universal application. Pigment Blue 29, Pigment Violet 15, Pigment blue 15, Ultramarine Pink Pigment V 15.

Ultramarine Blue pigment is made by using very high quality raw materials without any compromise towards specs. We can assure you of our quality and constant result without variations, keeping a precise control over quality and delta values. We have our in-house full equipment capable laboratory with standard testing of more than 50 types following BIS Standards at all points. We at SKU Pigments does not leave any stone unturned from following the best manufacturing practices to make Ultramarine blue pigment. Ultramarines pigments were used to symbolize Holiness and Humanity amongst being the most expensive pigment because of natural extractions and are in use since the 6th century gracing Buddhist frescoes. This pigment was even used by renaissance artist to paint in earlier times.

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Best Ultramarine Blue Pigment Manufacturers In India

These days Ultramarine Blue Color is in high demand due to it’s industrial usage. As we look into the complete industrial usage, There are many key points that we should look into so as to find out best manufacturer in India. Coloration of Ultramarine pigment occurs due to its chemical composition which consist of alumino silicate with three sulphur atoms in a form of sulfide or sulfate in which unpaired S3- anion originates the blue color. Natural ultramarine blue (lapis lazuli) always show better vivid blue color than synthetic ultramarine due to even particle size which diffuses light more orderly. Synthetic ultramarine color is generally affected by light, oil, or lime and features heat and alkali resistance.

SKU Pigments Private Limited was established in the year 1988. We are leading Manufacturer and Exporter of High performance Ultramarine Blue Pigments and Ultramarine Violet Pigments ,Pigment Blue 29, Pigment Violet 15. Company also have manufacturing of Organic Gulal, Herbal Gulal, Auramine, Iron Oxides, Chrome Oxides etc. Having precise pH value, purity and skin friendliness, dyestuff and pigments are extensively used in the industry.

How to Choose best quality Ultramarine Blue Pigment Manufacturer in India

If you are looking to buy best quality of pigment then you need to understand that your pigment need to pass few quality checks like pH value, purity and skin friendliness, dyestuff. These quality checks ensure that your pigment quality is good enough to provide your product a best blue color so that final product is ready to compete in the market.

SKU Pigment not only keep the check on the quality of the pigment by qualifying all these points but also provide the competitive pricing in the industry so that no one can beat or even match the price. Company combined capabilities and effective utilization of resources allows SKU Pigment to lead the Pigment Industry in various sectors globally. They have achieved high reputation in the market for high quality ultramarine Blue pigments and ethical business practices. Over the years of our customer centric business, They have garnered a large base of clientele in the national as well as international markets. They warmly welcome the feedback of the customers to develop our existing range of Ultramarine Pigments.

SKU Pigments (P) Ltd. have invested almost their two decades in manufacturing, exporting and supplying Dyestuffs and chemicals. This is the main reason that now they are recognized as best Ultramarine Blue Pigment Manufacturers in India.

Who are Ultramarine Blue Manufacturers in India

Today most of the companies also search Ultramarine Blue Manufacturers in India. So while searching for best manufacturer they mostly come across SKU Pigment (P) Ltd. It is so because they are in the industry since 1988. With their high quality customer service they have huge clientele globally.

They always use all latest technologies and best machinery along with the years of experience to manufacture this pigment. They are always able to meet the satisfaction level of their customers by using their high quality control checks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is ultramarine blue pigment made of?

Ultramarine Blue Pigment is made using raw material such as are Clay, Soda Carbonate, Sodium Sulphate, Sulphur, Pitch and Silica. Its composition is mainly defined by these raw materials, but its tonality may be defined by formulation of these raw materials in specific volumes.

What is ultramarine blue pigment used for?

Ultramarine Blue Pigment is widely being used in high performance industrial like masterbatches, plastic compounding, HDPE, PVA, PP, Polyolefins, textiles for optical brightening, Inks and water dispersions, Cosmetics, children toys and many more. Due to high heat stability and inert chemical behavior this pigment is always high in demand.

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